Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs

Yesterday I finished listening to Walter Issacson’s Steve Jobs biography. This long and intense (?) book covers the life of Jobs and on the way the impact he made on the personal computer, movies and music industry. This was a great read. As computer hobbyst who started meddling in computer in the early 80s, it was fascinating for me to go through the history of the mac, the reasoning behind the Mac, iPod, iPhone and iPad devices I use in my every day life. Also, I really enjoying reading about Jobs’ personality and the way he moved earth and sun to accomplish what he believed in. Combining Art/creativity with technology.

And although, I am not one who is in support of closed systems, I can understand the concept of it, the appeal for the mass markets and eventually the success that it had.

With Jobs on the helm, Apple was able to make high-end technology for the masses by creating intuitive, simple to use, high-end devices that allowed technophobic users to really adapt tech into their lives.

I found this book very inspiring and here are the things I take from it.

1. Everything can be improved – Jobs was able to look at any piece of technology or process and look for ways to improve it, make it more intuitive and simplify it for the users. As a software developer and as one who manages software development projects, this is exactly what I look for in every project that my company does. Take a process and see where we could implement technology to improve it, simplify it and make it more user friendly.

2.The details are important – Quality of the software you put out there is all the in details. Jobs was known for his way to look at any aspect of the products Apple put out. From the hardware to the software. He cared how every element fits the big picture and how everything looks like even if the user doesn’t have any access to it.

3.People don’t know what they need till you show them – This mantra pushed Jobs to introduce a slew of products from the original mac, 30 years ago to the iPad, iPhone etc. Jobs was a master in creating a need for a product that you didn’t have or need and now you find yourself more than once depended on.

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Hot coals

Blogging. I always treated it as a chore. Writing 2-3 paragraphs and posting on the internet. Should be that hard, right? How come it took me almost 8 years to commit to do something that should take around 15 minute a day?

I guess it’s fear. Fear?! of what? simple. First, that people won’t want to read my thoughts, ideas, perspective about life. Second, that my writing is not good enough. It’s time to confront my fears. As a wise man once said, don’t write for other people, write for yourself. If other people will find this interesting than great, if not. At least you will have a solid documentation of your thoughts in a given day.

English is not my first language, thats actually not accurate, it is my first language but growing up in Israel for the first 25 years of my life, it wasn’t used so much. Ten years ago, I moved to the US. I use english everyday at work, I write hundreds of emails a day. So maybe my grammar is not perfect, but do you actually see what people put out these days?

So here I am. Starting to ramble about myself, fear of blogging and a commitment. Few years ago, I went to Tony Robbin’s UPW event. The first day was all about fears and how to confront them. To prove it’s point, you finish the first evening walking on hot coals, not warm coals, but hot, burning, ten thousand degrees coals. As you stand before those coals, you put yourself in a state of mind that mentally allows you to confront the fear of “OMG, I’m going to burn myself”. Also, you also find yourself surrounded with 3000 other excited, “fearless” people like yourself. And then you walk. 30 feet of burning coals. As you finish and look behind, you can’t believe what you actually did but you learn the lessons. Fears exist to control us, facing them will most of the time dismantle them.

So here I am, facing my fear of blogging. Let’s the journey begin.

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